"Why does my voice do that?"

Almost all singers at every level have the same exact problem:
Their voice seems to have a mind of its' own.

• WHY do I nail the note one time and completely miss it the next?

• WHY do I feel like a singing hero & suddenly feel like the floor is dropping out from underneath me?

• WHY don't all of the singing tips and tricks work every time?

• WHY, no matter WHAT I do, do I still have this feeling that I'm missing something?

It's NOT your voices fault.

It's not a lack of 'talent'

It's not that you need years of study

It's not that you just can't DO it

...& it's NOT hard to understand HOW to uncover your potential and become a confident, roaring presence on any stage!

I discovered NO ONE is showing us how to give our voices what they NEED to excel...

....& when we do, they improve with lightening speed!

...not from over 2 decades paying to study every major technique approach or method in existence

...not from making my living from my voice from the age of 16

...not even from coming from a 'naturally talented' family

I would've NEVER known if two separate doctors hadn't PERMANENTLY ENDED my voice 2 separate times...

...and left me to fix it myself.

How I did it DISPROVED every single thing I'd ever been told I must do with my voice!

I've worked as a master level vocal coach & repair specialist for over a decade revolutionizing voices with the only approach to maximize the voice ever designed 100% on the physical, provable needs of the voice itself.*

(*Vocal Mastery - The Voice Club Method Course is available to our church Live Vocal Bootcamp Attendees only)


  • Because no one else in history has ever recovered a usable voice from EITHER of the damaging conditions left me with.

  • No one has ever even had the opportunity to study or TEST how it would even be POSSIBLE to recover a perfectly working voice AND gain another half octave...even after having a vocal cord completely SEVERED.

  • And because I confirmed what I discovered with the #1 singers vocal surgeon in the world.


I've taken everything I've learned as professional studio and live singer, performing for tens of thousands of people and combined it with the most usable, understandable and impactful instruction for the voice you'll ever find...

...& put it here...for YOU!

My mission is to EMPOWER SINGERS to understand and master their own voices, unlock their true potential and actually know HOW they did it.

What will our courses do for you?

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I'm beginning to feel more comfortable with my own voice